What Are the Main Causes for Your Dental Sealants Failure?

What Are the Main Causes for Your Dental Sealants Failure?

May 11, 2022

A dental sealants procedure is one of the most effective preventive dentistry treatments to protect teeth against tooth decay. These thin coatings of plastic applied to the back molars of a patient’s teeth during a pain-free procedure are often considered the top choice in preventive dental care. Although they are for patients of all ages, dental sealants in Plymouth, NH, are especially helpful in protecting children’s teeth who may not brush as often as they should. It affords peace of mind for their parents, and it can also help reduce future dental costs.

As with any dental procedure, dental sealants are only as effective as the clinician performing the procedure. Suppose you’re searching for a dentist with over 35 years of clinical experience in all phases of dentistry. In that case, we invite you to book an appointment with Dr. Williams at Dental Arts of Plymouth to receive the experienced dentistry you and your family deserve. We’ll review a few of the most common reasons for the lackluster performance of dental sealants in a moment, but let’s first take a look at the benefits of dental sealants.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

One of the most significant benefits of a dental sealant procedure is that it is quick and pain-free. Considering that children are the largest group of patients who undergo this procedure, this benefit creates a significant reward, especially if the child is starting to exhibit early signs of dental anxiety. A dental sealant procedure is a great way to reinforce confidence in dentistry in an anxious patient. Plus, dental sealants can provide added protection against tooth decay for as much as ten years. This durability equates to peace of mind for the patient protected against cavities and to peace of mind for parents not having to worry about future dental costs.

Although they are most commonly used on children when their back molars start to emerge, dental sealants are also effective on the teeth of adults. Studies reveal that young adults have more untreated cavities in their back teeth than any other age group. Further studies demonstrate that dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities over a two-year period on the back teeth, where 90% of cavities occur.

Many parents receive dental sealants simultaneously with their children with this performance record. It allows children to witness first-hand how easy the procedure was for their parents to receive, so they are less likely to be anxious about the procedure when they receive it. If you’d like to add the protection of dental sealants to your smile and your family’s smiles, we can coordinate back-to-back scheduling appointments. Please give us a call now to learn more.

Why Dental Sealants May Sometimes Fail

As mentioned earlier, dental sealants are only as effective as the clinician performing the procedure. Two of the most common variables that could impact the effectiveness of dental sealants are technique and equipment. Although a dental sealant procedure is quick from a patient’s perspective, the treatment still requires expert application with best-in-class materials. Here’s an example of how a lack of performance in these two areas could impact the durability of dental sealant:

One of the first steps in the dental sealant procedure is to roughen up the teeth’ surface, receiving treatment gently. They call it etching. Dentists have a choice of materials to select from when choosing which one they will use in their office. Some dentists may look more at the cost of the materials versus the effectiveness of the materials. Likewise, if there is still etching material present, it can affect performance. If etching material remains in the grooves of teeth, the sealant material will not adhere to the tooth surface.

Why Choose Us for Comprehensive Dentistry?

Whether it’s dental sealant material or technique, our dentist and his team use the most advanced products and technology to ensure that every procedure we perform is superior in quality and performance. We genuinely care about the importance of oral health, and we are committed to helping patients of all ages achieve their best smiles.

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