CAD/CAM in Plymouth, NH

Here at Dental Arts of Plymouth, we care about your oral health as much you do. We also recognize that our patients are very busy people. Saving time is just as important as delivering high-quality care. For that reason, our Plymouth, NH dental office provides dental restorations in the shortest time possible. Come to us for same-day crowns, onlays, and veneers, crafted with the latest CEREC technology.

Dental Restorations in One Day

CEREC allows your Plymouth dentist to produce restorative dental work in one day. This advanced digital imaging equipment uses computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, known as CAD/CAM. With CEREC, a crown can be milled and placed in a single visit. Yes, you can have a beautifully restored smile without multiple appointments. Find out more! Call today to schedule your consultation.

How Does CAD/CAM Work?

Images are taken of the prepared tooth with a special camera. The machine converts the photo into a 3D virtual model. There is no need for messy and uncomfortable mouth impressions. Then, with input from the trained and experienced staff at Dental Arts of Plymouth, the software creates the custom restoration. A ceramic block is used in the milling process. This block gets carved to the precise shape and specification you need. CEREC milled material is more durable than the traditional way of layering and pressing. As a result, you can feel confident that your same-day crown will last for many years. Finally, the finished dental work is bonded, polished, and the tooth is fully restored. Typically, the entire procedure requires no more than two hours to complete.

Benefits of Using CAD/CAM Dental Technology

Here are just a few advantages to using CEREC:

  • Better comfort and fit
  • Long-lasting restoration
  • Metal-free dentistry
  • Minimal tooth preparation
  • No bulky impression material that may make some patients gag
  • No outside lab is involved, your dentist in Plymouth has control of the entire procedure
  • No second or third appointment, the process is complete in a single visit
  • With digital imaging comes high accuracy

Ask the staff of Dental Arts of Plymouth if CAD/CAM CEREC is right for you!

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