Undergoing Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings Can Transform Your Oral Health: Here's How

Undergoing Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings Can Transform Your Oral Health: Here's How

Jan 01, 2021

Most people treasure their smiles and enjoy having their teeth in the best shape possible. Our teeth were designed and created to last us our entire lives. Believe it or not, our tooth enamel is the strongest substance in our body.

However, for our teeth to serve us and last us like they ought to, we need to take good care of them. In other words, you need to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy, clean, and strong.

The best way to guarantee that your teeth and gums stay healthy and strong is by proactively opting for preventive dental care. Our dentist in Plymouth offers all our patients top-notch preventive dentistry services to ensure that dental issues such as cavities and periodontitis are kept at bay.

These dental issues negatively impact your oral health and compromise your teeth’s structural integrity, leaving you susceptible to different oral health complications such as tooth loss or periodontal diseases.

Preventive Dentistry Services

Preventive dental care forms a fundamental part of any dental plan at our dental practice near you. These dental services are designed to ensure that our patients’ oral health stays on point and that their teeth and gums are disease-free, clean, and strong.

Regularly seeing our dentist in Plymouth ensures that you and your loved ones will have access to preventive dental care services. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t only visit the dentist when you are faced with a pressing dental issue.

To maintain your dental health, you need to ensure that you visit a dentist at least twice every year. These regular dental visits give our dentist an avenue to keep close tabs on your oral health and deliver dental care services that are aimed at preventing any future dental issues and complications.

Some of the key preventive dental care services we offer our patients include:

Thorough Dental Examinations

Thorough dental examinations are one of the key preventive dental care services offered by our dentist in Plymouth. These dental exams allow our dentist to carefully assess your dental health and look out for any issues such as tooth decay and periodontal diseases, which could lead to the development of more complex dental health problems.

Ideally, a dental exam will involve the following:

  • Looking for any signs of periodontal disease or periodontal issues
  • Looking for any dental issues such as cavities or tooth decay that compromise the structural integrity of your teeth
  • Examining the overall condition of your tongue and any other oral cavity tissues
  • Searching for any early signs of oral cancer such as lesions, white patches, or persistent canker sores
  • Checking on the integrity or condition of any dental appliances such as braces
  • Examining for any malocclusions or teeth alignment issues

Our dentist will advise you on what measures to take towards improving your dental health based on this thorough dental exam.

Deep Dental Cleanings

Your oral hygiene is critical in ensuring that your teeth and gums are healthy and robust. Poor oral hygiene is a gateway for most dental health issues and complications that may force you to spend loads of money and time at the dentist trying to resolve them.

Brushing your teeth twice a day and using dental floss to clean in between your teeth at least once a day are the key components of any good oral hygiene practice schedule. However, this is not sufficient to guarantee that your teeth and gums are clean as they should be.

The truth is, no matter how efficient you are at brushing and flossing your teeth every day, there are some hard to reach places on your teeth and gums that can only be cleaned when you undergo professional teeth cleaning near you.

Professional deep dental cleanings involve removing any plaque or tartar build up on any tooth surfaces. Plaque buildup facilitates the development of dental problems such as decay, cavities, and even gingivitis.

After this cleaning session, your teeth will be polished to guarantee that your smile is cleaner and brighter than before. Both of these preventive dental care services can go a long way in ensuring that both your smile and dental health are maintained in an excellent and healthy condition.

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