Oral Cancer Screenings in Plymouth, NH

Dentists don’t usually deal with life and death cases unless they find evidence that one of their patients has evidence of oral cancer. The symptoms are easy to miss until cancer progresses, but by then, it can be too late for the patient to survive. Along with maintaining good dental hygiene, the oral cancer screenings that dentists provide can save lives.

How Does a Dentist Perform Oral Cancer Screenings?

When patients go to see their dentist for a routine examination, they usually get a mouth cancer screening. Our dentists at Dental Arts of Plymouth uses both visual and physical examinations to check for signs of cancer.

Our dentist in Plymouth, NH, looks for red or white sores, sores on the tongue, and the mouth’s soft tissue. They pay close attention to the back of the throat because throat cancer is sometimes visible at the back of the tongue.

For the physical examination, a dentist will run his or her fingers down the throat feeling for lumps in the mouth, especially around the lips and cheeks, and at the back of the neck. Although men are more likely to get oral cancer, our dentist routinely examines all genders to ensure treatment is provided on time incase it is found.

Signs Patients May Find

If you’re in a high-risk group for this type of cancer, our dentists at Dental Arts of Plymouth in Plymouth, NH can provide you with more information, including symptoms you may notice before you see a dentist or doctor again. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Ear pain
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Mouth and face pain
  • Bad breath
  • Coughing
  • Lumps or hard areas around the lips or on the tongue

High-Risk Patients

Although oral cancer can happen to anyone, some people have a higher risk than others at developing the deadly disease. People who use tobacco, drink heavily, or whose lips are frequently exposed to the sun are at higher risk for developing oral cancer.

To reduce your risk, stop using tobacco, no matter what kind it is, reduce your alcohol consumption, and always use sunblock on your lips, as well as your skin, whenever you go outside. Also, maintain your dental checkups because your dentist is often the first person to find oral cancer, and he or she can save your life.

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