Exams and Cleanings in Plymouth, NH

Prevention is the number one goal at Dental Arts of Plymouth. Receiving professional dental cleanings and exams every six months, or as instructed by our dentists, will help you avoid dental complications and the expenses that come with more intensive treatment in the future. We welcome patients of all ages to visit our Plymouth, NH dental office.

Preventive Dentistry Near You

Dental exams and cleanings are basic but essential steps in preventive care. We will provide a comprehensive check-up to monitor any differences or changes to your oral health during your visit. Our expert dentists will visually examine your teeth for any signs of cavities or gum disease. Often, we will take x-rays of your mouth to provide a more in-depth visual of what is going on between the teeth. X-rays allow us to view what we cannot see with our eyes.

During a routine check-up, our dentists or dental hygienists will also clean your teeth and remove any hard-to-reach plaque or tartar. Plaque and tartar are what cause cavities and tooth decay. They can also exacerbate gum disease. After the cleaning, we will floss and polish teeth to keep your smile bright and your gums healthy. Some patients may receive deep scaling to remove deeper-set tartar or dental calculus.

Your oral and overall health is our main priority at Dental Arts of Plymouth, so we make sure to include oral cancer screenings as part of our routine examinations. Oral cancer is more easily treated when caught early, and the physical and emotional damage that having oral cancer can cause becomes preventable with regular screenings. We will be looking at your teeth, gums, lips, and throat for signs of precancerous or cancerous signs.

Expert Care and Prevention at Dental Arts of Plymouth

While dental care begins at home, your toothbrush and floss can fall flat when dealing with cavities or more serious issues. At Dental Arts of Plymouth in Plymouth, NH, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule you for an appointment when you give us a call.

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