Dental Sealants in Plymouth, NH

When it comes to preventive dentistry, it’s important to start as early as possible. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children start to see the dentist as soon as they develop their first tooth. Learning oral hygiene habits should start soon after, and by the age of six, children should be brushing their teeth by themselves on a regular basis.

At Dental Arts of Plymouth in Plymouth, NH, we encourage all of our patients to practice optimal oral hygiene through regular brushing, flossing, professional cleanings, and exams. However, we also know that it’s difficult for young patients to take good care of their teeth. We, therefore, offer dental sealants for patients who struggle with oral hygiene.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin coatings of plastic that are applied to the back molars. The plastic is brushed onto the teeth in liquid form and then allowed to dry. The entire procedure takes less than ten minutes and results in a thin yet durable layer of protection for the teeth.

Why Are They Helpful?

Dental sealants help prevent plaque from reaching the enamel of the teeth and wreaking havoc. The majority of the problems we see at Dental Arts of Plymouth in Plymouth, NH are related to the buildup of plaque, a sticky substance left on the teeth by food and beverages. The plaque eats through the hard protective enamel of the tooth, causing cavities, decay, and infections. It can eventually lead to gum disease and even permanent tooth loss.

Sealants keep plaque away from the enamel, helping to keep the teeth healthy and strong.

Who Should Wear Sealants?

The ADA recommends sealants for patients between the ages of six and fourteen. At this point in life, children are brushing on their own but still struggle to take care of their teeth. They might not brush as often as they should, and most don’t brush thoroughly. Sealants serve as training wheels to protect the teeth until the kids are old enough and more responsible.

How Long Do Sealants Last?

After application, sealants should last for ten years. Our dentist will check the status of the sealants during regular checkups and can reapply the material if it starts to degrade sooner. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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