Root Canals in Plymouth, NH

A root canal is one of the most common and frequently administered treatments in dental offices. If your dentist has suggested a root canal for you, you may wish to know more about root canal procedures.

The experts at Dental Arts of Plymouth explain what a root canal is and why patients have nothing to worry about.

What Is a Root Canal?

When a tooth hurts or is infected, our dentist in Plymouth, NH tries to preserve the natural tooth as much as possible. The purpose of a root canal is to remove bacteria from the infected tooth and seal it against re-infection.

Inside the tooth, below the hard enamel and the dentin layer, is the soft tooth pulp consisting of nerves, tissue, and blood vessels. A tooth that is fully developed can continue to survive without the pulp as it is sustained by nourishment from surrounding tissues. When a patient undergoes a root canal treatment, the infected pulp or root is cleaned out. The canal is then disinfected, filled, and sealed to prevent recurrence of decay.

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What to Expect During a Root Canal Treatment?

There is absolutely no need to be worried if you are scheduled to undergo a root canal procedure. We, at Dental Arts of Plymouth, use effective sedation dentistry to keep patients relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

After first applying a little numbing gel, we will administer a gentle anesthetic injection at the dental site. In a few seconds, the area around the tooth will become numb. You will feel little pain or discomfort during the root canal procedure. Once the procedure is finished and the anesthesia wears off, you may experience some slight soreness that will disappear in several days.

Root canals may be needed to treat infected, cracked or fractured teeth and deep cavities. Thanks to sedation dentistry and the latest dental techniques, root canals are no more painful than getting a filling done.

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