How to Enhance Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

How to Enhance Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Mar 01, 2021

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward each day. This might mean getting a new haircut, switching jobs, or even revamping your smile. Your smile is a recognizable facial feature,so getting it even brighter can be a real self-esteem booster.

Teeth whitening in Plymouth, NH, is very common these days since more people are becoming aware of its importance. In the recent past, teeth whitening was a thing that was synonymous with celebrities’ smiles. Now, the much-coveted celebrity smile is within reach, and our cosmetic dentist in Plymouth is more than capable of transforming your smile.

However, you need to know that when it comes to dental health, teeth whitening is viewed as the cherry on top. It’s a visible symbol of proper oral health. In other words, teeth whitening in Plymouth, NH, comes after the hard work of keeping your pearly whites healthy and clean. The everyday commitment to keep your teeth disease-free will go a long way in keeping your pearly whites bright.

Common Causes for Teeth Staining

Even if you take care of your teeth as you should,it is still possible that your teeth are not as white as they should be. However, there is a common misconception about off-white teeth, in that people mistake yellow teeth for dirty teeth.

Teeth can be stained due to any of the following reasons:

  • Food and Drink

Coffee, tea, and red wine are generally the number one teeth staining culprits. These drinks contain intense color pigments referred to as chromogens that are known to attach to the teeth. Also, if you love to indulge in spicy foods and consume a lot of curries, then your teeth will get stained. In short, if whatever you consume can stain a white shirt or t-shirt, then your teeth aren’t safe.

  • Age

Your enamel is the white substance that coats or covers your teeth. As you age, there is the normal wear that makes the enamel thin. This exposes the yellowish softer part of the teeth (dentin), making your teeth look yellow.

  • Tobacco

Tobacco contains nicotine and tar, which are the most notorious teeth-staining substances. Tar is dark, and nicotine, on the other hand, is colorless, but when exposed to oxygen, they turn yellow.

  • Medications

If you check the labels of certain medications, you will find that a common side effect is teeth staining. Therefore, you should check the labels of your medications.

Types of Stains

There are different types of stains, which means that there has to be a proper way of dealing with each specific stain. Here are the main types of stains:

  • Intrinsic stains.These are stains that occur in the inner part of your teeth. They can be difficult to remove using traditional teeth whitening solutions. However, if teeth whitening doesn’t work, then veneers or even dental crowns are the next best thing.
  • Extrinsic stains. These stains are the ones that occur on your tooth’s surface. They are typicallycaused by what we consume. Professional teeth whitening is the best solution.
  • Age-related stains. In most cases, these stains are a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic stains. As you age, the dentin becomes more exposed, and whatever you eat will eventually stain the teeth.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Because dental technology has evolvedover the decades, there are a host of teeth whitening solutions. However, most if not all these teeth whitening solutions have hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

During the procedure, our dentist in Plymouth will apply a protective gel over the soft tissues before the bleaching agent is applied. The peroxide will then be applied to the tooth’s surface and will be quickly absorbed by the enamel.

The free radicals present in the peroxide will be released, breaking down the stains into smaller fragments. This reduces the concentration of the stain,which will brighten up your smile.

However, there are instances where people need to put aside two to three hours for subsequent applications of the bleaching agent. This is done in cases where the teeth are severely stained, and one application will not be enough to produce the desired change.

Our cosmetic dentist in Plymouth will do whatever is necessary tobrighten your smile to the shade that you desire. For more information, contact our teeth whitening dentist near you at Dental Arts of Plymouth.

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